The Chairs Have Eyes-Creepiest Chair Ever

4 years ago

Im all up for a different and original chair design, but someone took the original and different to far to create something that is also creepy (at least for me).
This chair was designed by Fiona Roberts, an Australian artist, that decided to make a twist on a red chair ( that seems to be a very nice one originally) and stuck a bunch of eye balls on it, making you probably uncomfortable while you are in the room with it and probably when you sit on it.

I do find the chair interesting though and a bit of a shocking piece that can make you feel uncomfortable but its actually inspired to portray an anxiety disorder called Scopophobia, which is an anxiety created by the fear of being judged and having people looking/staring, which lead to the name of the chair also that is Scopophilia.

<strong>What do you think of the chair?
Does it creep you out or would you actually get one?</strong>

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