The Catacombs of Paris-France

5 years ago

When you normally think of Paris, you normally think of a romantic city, with the Eiffel tower, lots of green fields, the well illuminated streets, the streets filled with haute couture stores... Lots of tourists and, obviously, "croissants" and "baguettes" everywhere!

But did you know that Paris, the city of love, has a dark city laying under the city?

Well, it is not a secret, since it is kind of a touristic attraction... But it is not one of the more known touristic points of interest. I`m talking about the Parisian Catacombs.

Parisian Catacombs is a net or a labyrinth of tunnels (just pick the name that you like more), that is placed under the city, and that has one of the most macabre scenarios that a tourist can visit. Those tunnels, with tens of kilometers long, have tens of galleries, completely full of something that will blow your mind (and no, it is not art or art pieces). Those catacombs are full of bones... Real human bones... And why? Apparently in the past, Parisians didn`t like to take care of their cemeteries, so those cemeteries were really degraded... They where in such bad condition that the government decided to move all the bodies from all the degraded cemeteries of the city to these tunnels under the city.

The final result is a very dark and scary place that actually is like a gigantic cemetery, where thousands of body parts rest (in piece, I hope). It is a very strange place to visit, but it actually has lots of visits everyday.

I don`t know If I have what it needs to visit a place like this one... So I think I would never visit those catacombs. Paris has a lot of other places to visit.

And you? Would you like to visit that place?

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