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3 years ago

Burgers Priest

If you live anywhere near Toronto, or have visited Toronto in the past 2-3 years, you have probably heard about Burgers Priest, a burger joint that opened a few years ago. It has been voted Torontos best burger on numerous occasions and has gained a sort of cult following. The guy who started it, Shant Mardirosian, is originally from California, and decided that since he couldnt find a good California style old school burger, he was going to open his own burger spot. The reason for the name, The Burgers Priest, is since he was actually going to be a priest: he had attended Seminary College before deciding it wasnt the right decision for him! Despite that, his business still has an over-arching Christian theme there are scriptures on the walls, they are closed on Sundays (the sign on the door listing hours says church next to Sunday) and even the menu is full of religious references. Well... sorta.

The menu they feature on the wall is not their full menu in typical Cali style just like In N Out and other burger joints, they have a secret menu that thats what has helped lead to their popularity. They recently started listing the secret menu items on the boards since the vast majority of their business comes from the secret menu.

A few of the names that I love are

The Vatican a double cheeseburger with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns.

The Option instead of a patty, you get a fried Portobello mushroom cap covered in panko

The Religious Hypocrite The same as The Option, but you add bacon :P

The Tower of Babel a crazy combination of the Vatican and the Option!

There are lots more and you can custom order other items as well.
I have been dying to go, but their first location was way out of the way for me, so I never got a chance. They since opened 2 more locations with one being a lot closer to where I am, so I finally got a chance to go. I even had some friends from LA visiting when I went, so they were able to compare the Priest to their own burger spots back home :)

Though the burgers are a little pricey, there is no doubt they are ABSOLUTELY delish!!! Mmmmm juicy and fresh with quality ingredients. We just decided on regular cheeseburgers, but I want to go back and attempt to conquer one of the crazier ones another day LOL

Im already planning on going with one of my friends sometime this week since he really wants to try it!

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