The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter Review

2 years ago


My third review on today`s list is about the lovely vanilla smell body butter from The Body Shop. I think that The Body Shop in Europe is just as popular as Bath and Body works are in USA and Canada. The best thing about them is that they have a decent collection of body care product flavours. However, all of the items seem to be more pricey than the ones we are used to buy in my country. So, everytime it is quite special to buy or get one of these as a gift. I`ve got my Spiced Vanilla set for last Christmas. I had quickly ran out of shower gel (bottles in gift sets are so so little!), but body butter I kept for a while. I feel that this product really soaks in to the skin and helps to keep the moisture as it has such a rich consistency. I was mostly using the product on my legs as they look so dry, especially during the summer time. Vanilla flavour here seems to be very delicate. I would rather call it cream vanilla blend than a spicy raw vanilla and that is just well balanced for the skin, as you don`t want your body cream or body butter to surpass the smell of your fragrance.

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