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Ive been following on Facebook for a long time and Ive always wanted to order something from that website but I always refrained but last month a week before my name day there was a promotion going on, you could save 25% of your order using a certain coupon code (on the whole website) so I decided to go ahead and place a small order. I didnt want to order a lot of things that I was craving for because I have enough makeup products and I need to use what I have.

From the moment I placed my order until I literally received it (last week) it took a month (I live in Romania, south-east of Europe). That was pretty decent considering that my order got processed in a week and a few days.

Now this online shop has its own brand of makeup and also sells MAC samples, so I went for the MAC samples because I really wanted to try something new (I already own 2 MAC pigments thanks to /member/allaboutbeauty and her awesome giveaway Thank you, Dear!, so my desire to own more MAC products has grown). There is a MAC store in my country the only one, lol but its hard to get to it and the prices are huge so I settled for some samples. For the MAC samples you get 1/4 teaspoon sample in a 5 gram clear screw top sifter jar which doesnt seem much but it really is enough for a few uses.

Onto my haul, heres what I got:

My total came to $12.57, minus the 25% off discount, $9.43. Shipping Cost: $6.95, so I paid a Grand Total of $16.38

I didnt get around to play with the pigments yet as I had a pretty crazy week but I swatched a bit Blue Brown and I must say it looks amazing!!!

Did you ever ordered from this website? What MAC pigments do you recommend buying?

PS: My experience ordering on this website was really good and I really recommend checking it out. If you want to try some MAC products but you don`t want to pay the full price this is the place to order from (they also sell lipstick samples). You also get a 20% any TBN cosmetic purchase if you are a fan on Facebook!

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