The Blood Fountains of Bucharest

<em>What if the water fountains we see aren`t blue or clear but what if the color is red? Would you be more amazed or interested?</em>

In Bucharest, Romania back in 2011 they somehow altered the water (probably food color or some sort of dye to make the water red) to let many be aware of a serious illness called Hemophilia existed in Romanian and over 2,000 people suffered from it. This disorder isn`t spreadable or contagious just in the genes.

What is hemophilia?
It`s a bleeding disorder that shows blood clotting. Those who have this have prolonged bleeding/heavy bleeding.

More information regarding hemophilia:

<strong>If you were to visit Romania and this fountain still existed, would you visit to see "RED/BLOODY" water?</strong> In photo it looks cool, just make sure your kid isn`t playing near the water or their clothes will turn red =) I think I would visit if I was in the area, I never seen red water out of a water fountain.

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