The Black Jumpsuit - Who wore it best?

4 years ago

One of the biggest trends as of late has been one piece jumpsuits or catsuits.

And by far, the most popular colour for these catsuits is BLACK, giving the outfit a "catwoman" sort of feel.

Here we have 3 examples of a black catsuit on the red carpet: Elizabeth Banks, Rihanna and Shailene Woodley.

I`ll start with my least favourite: Rihanna.
While I am not nearly as daring as Rihanna when it comes to her style, I can usually get on board with wearing on the red carpet. But this suit is a disaster in my eyes.

There is no real shape and the whole thing just looks way to big on her. The crotch is midway down her thigh making her proportions look weird. And while I`m not a fan of to much skin showing, this is going too far: there is no feminine vibe to the outfit. It looks like a poorly made, man`s suit.

The whole thing needs to be tailored to fit her....

Next I`m going to pick Elizabeth Banks. I like how her version fits her a lot better. Though she has also covered down to her wrists and ankles, the outfit has the sheer panels which amp up the feminine factor. The fit of the suit also helps in that department. The only thing that looks weird to me is the proportions of this outfit. The super high waist cuts her off in a weird spot. I would have preferred if the panel in the front was a v shape rather than a rectangle shape, to help extend the line instead of cutting her off above the hip.

My favourite is Shailene`s version of the catsuit. I like that the look is sleeveless since it automatically makes it more feminine, and also looks more appropriate for the summer weather.
The deep V also shows some skin, without making it vulgar. The entire thing looks like it was made to fit Shailene, and the peplum sort of detail breaks up the look giving her a waist.

It is definitely my favourite out of the three!

What do you think? Who`s your favourite and why?

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