The biggest woman in GB

Hey guys !

Today i won`t be posting about celebrities outfit but some everyday stuff ;) I was browsing one of my favourite polish site for women and i found that article. That`s really sad what could happend with people. This woman is that fat that she didn`t leave her flat since 4 years. She is lying on the bed all day, listening radio and making shopping in web. And of course she is eating. Like she said she can`t stop eating. She eat almost 6000 calories every day ! Doctor told her that she could die because of it. But she can`t stop. She is the fattest woman in Great Britain and she weighs 255 kg ! Her name is Brenda Falangan Davies. She eat yogurt, cheese, bread, three chocolates bares and three (!) bottles of Coke only for breakfast. She spend 1,3 thousand pounds in week.
Like she said she want to lose some weight but she doesn`t know how to do it. What a poor woman :(

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