THE biggest BetrAyal!!

4 years ago

OMFG is all i can say after yesterdays episode of Pretty Little Liars..

If you haven`t watch the episode yet, stop reading..

I`m still in shock from the PLL finale!!! I literally stopped breathing..

- Nate or whatever his name is, he is a sicko. So he killed Maya and was stalking her, and now wanted to kill Paige to make Emily suffer. He really creeped the hell out of me! One thing i don`t, why was he part of the A-team??

- Caleb might be dead, i couldn`t stop crying!! I just hope he is safe and alive in the next episode, they can`t kill Caleb!

- OMG, this is like the worst of all, THE betrAtal!! i couldn`t believe it: Toby, yes sweet Toby is A!! i`m just speechless..
I`m thinking (hoping) he is just doing it to keep Spencer and the other liars safe, he can`t be the bad guy, no way!! i can`t believe he is the best boyfriend and a good friend to them and next he is hurting them, it just doesn`t make sense to me.

- Other things that happened:
Maggie, Ezra`s ex and the mother of her son. There`s something sketchy about her, i think she is going to try to ruin Aria and Ezra.
Garret is out of jail, so he didn`t kill Maya but still has BAD GUY written all over his face!

What did you think of the finale? Is Caleb alive? Is Toby pretending to protect the liars??

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