The Big Guns- My Muscles

4 years ago

Get my title? Cheesy eh? Im having a huge brain fart with all this studying, but hopefully after these Luuux posts I can get more motivation :)! My aunt cooked some Mussles for us to eat that she been craving. I thought it was actually pretty delicious for its simple preparation. She basically just cooked it a little in bowling water not fully cooked then cooked the rest of over a fire (our stove is one of those gas ones so she just placed it literally in the fire *low heat of course*) and sprinkled a little salt and chopped onions. You can see from the picture the mussles came out really colorful and definitely not raw in case you were wondering :P I only ate a few since Im not a huge fan of Mussles, as I am to oysters per say. Definitely extremely easy to prepare so if you are too afraid of cooking these are such a great simple meal that you can make!

<Strong> Do you like Mussles? What about my cheesy title? Good or bad cook? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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