The Big Bang Theory?!

4 years ago

Now, most of you probably know the show, but im going to re-make this "BIG BANG THEORY" towards beauty! ;)

(NOT to toot my own horn, but thats a pretty clever title, am i right?)

So this summer, i have been wondering if i should make a risky decision & go with the bangs or stay within my comfort level, and just get a trim or something. SO first off, if i were to get bangs, i wouldnt get the perfectly cut kind, i would want the "im a rebel so i decided to just go all natural"! Now when i say i dont want perfectly straight, i mean the kind that are in the picture above... i DO want them to be straigt lol:) I like the messy bangs, just because they look chic, like i walked out of an ocean, didnt comb them & they came out perfectly messy!!

There ARE "Problems" though:
1.What happens if they don`t look good???
2.Are they easy to care for?
3. Did i mention, What happens if they don`t look good??!!!!!
4. Are there many styles that look good with bangs?

So those are my Dillemas (is that how you spell that, probably not, oh well)...

Love ya,
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