The Big Bang Theory

4 years ago

It has been a long until I decided to watch this show! Since Friends, I got a taste for good comedy and after its finale, I was in a constant search for good quality comedies. Thus, after comedies like How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family, Cougar Town or 30 Rock, even Glee, it`s time for The Big Bang Theory! A wonderful comedy that shows the daily life of a group of friends that are a little more special!

My favorite character in this comedy is none other than the deranged, intelligent maniac with inappropriate behavioral conduct, and at the same time the very funny and terrible comical: Sheldon Cooper!

Jim Parsons is a wonderful actor in an unrivaled role, a House of comedy, who manages to draw millions of viewers all over the world to see episode after episode, along with the rest of the cast and characters: Leonard, Penny, Howard and Raj - each character is very funny and well defined.

The show is very good, maybe one of the best of its kind, and this is the reason why I recommend it to everybody who wants to move from a normal state of mind to an abnormal good mood by watching this show.

Funny lines, quality humor, the highest quality of sarcasm and situations sometimes taken to extremes transorfms this production into a comedy in the true sense of the word! A perfect ten series!

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