The Best...and Worst Celebrity Fragrances

By now, we`re used to celebrities branching out into product-creation. Paul Newmans salad dressings, BEATS by Dr Dre and, uh, Hulk Hogans Pastamania restaurant the list of somebodys who tried to conquer a second, unrelated field is endless. Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of fragrance. Here is a look at the very best and very worst of celebrity perfumes: from those that came up smelling of roses to those that stank of failure from the very beginning.

White Diamonds (Elizabeth Taylor)

The classiest of perfumes from Hollywoods classiest leading lady, White Diamonds is the fragrance that started it all. With a strong, forceful scent described variously as clean floral, spring fresh and headache inducing this offering is a triumphant cry of robust individualism; much like Ms. Taylor herself. And its very popular: to date, its sales have grossed over $1bn worldwide.

Heat (Beyoncé)

An instant success, Heat by Beyoncé has become shorthand for the potential of nu-wave celeb perfumes to smash across class and wealth boundaries. Warm and fruity, with a lightly-spiced woody musk and a sweetness that lingers for hours, Heat is a perfect how-to in mid-range perfume design. Other celebs should be taking note!

Someday (Justin Bieber)

Described as playful, fresh yet flirty and anything but ordinary and a fragrance Justin personally finds irresistible, Someday is perhaps less a master-class in perfumery than it is in cheap, cynical marketing. However, the ploy has undoubtedly been effective, with pre-teen girls buying it in droves enough to make it an absolute monster smash. What it smells like is irrelevant: if youre buying this, the actual fragrance is likely the last thing on your mind.

Snooki (Nicole Polizzi)

Jersey Shore is a national institution, in the worst possible sense, and it was with a mixture of trepidation and horror that the world learned Snooki would be launching her own brand of perfume. The results were perfectly predictable: irony-loving hipsters and the terminally-clueless brought it once and then realised there are better things to aspire to in life.

Denise Richards for Women (Denise Richards)

Denise Richards launched and sank without a trace in 2012, due in large part to an impenetrable wall of indifference surrounding everything Richards does. By all accounts, the coconut water, jasmine and vanilla scent was no great failure but neither was it a winner. Theres a lesson for hopeful celebs: if youre not a Beyoncé or a Bieber, youll have to produce something very special to get noticed.

Mrs Wright (Mark Wright)

Like Snooki above, Mark Wrights only claim to fame comes from being objectively awful, in every possible sense, to the largest possible audience. The former Only Way is Essex star attempted to cash-in on his waning popularity with this fragrance gleefully described by the Daily Mails Femail supplement as worse than a kebab shop kitchen. Cheap, unpleasant, synthetic and associated with someone nobody wants to be associated with, Mrs Wright is the most barrel-scraping fragrance ever concocted.

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