The best ways to bring birds to your garden

4 years ago

There is no better sound on a morning than the sound of bird song. It can give you the needed boost you need to get up happy and enjoy the day ahead. Getting birds to visit your garden is also essential for quality flower growth. In recent times however natural habitats have diminished due to the cleaning up of gardens and reducing the main ecological attractors like space, water, food, and shelter. With this in mind some of our native birds have diminished too. But there are things you can do to bring bird life back into your garden. Attracting birds to your garden doesnt have to take up much time or money, and in creating an environment where birds can flourish you will helping your local birds as well as giving yourself pleasure them their thankful birdsong. In your yard or garden, birdbaths and feeders will soon bring beneficial birds to visit. Bird baths and feeders need to be filled or cleaned as needed, but that`s a habit that is soon acquired and richly rewarded. You don`t need fancy feeders. You can even put the food on the ground or on a windowsill. You can put an empty grapefruit half in a sling of yarn and let it swing where cats can`t get near it and fill it with seed or peanut butter. The more inviting you make it, the more the birds will come and more enjoyment you will have. Most gardens may be restrictive in size, but you can think horizontally as well as vertically. You can plant attractive native trees for perches and cover and shade for birds, you can also plant ornamental native trees that give a valuable food source, such as Crab apples, cherries and so on. The key thing is to ensure that you meet the needs of your birds all year round, and that you accommodate the changing requirements of both residents and seasonal visitors. You can find a whole host of garden bird feeds and accessories at

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