The best tool for your feet :)

Hey dolls!

This tool is what I use whenever I take a shower to remove the dead skin cell thing on my feet and around my toes! This tool has four sides which is amazing and it was only like $5 or something like that :) I hate it when you get out of shower and sometimes you dont have any specific thing to clean your body or feet with but the best thing is as I said the tool!

I have no idea what its called! One side has this stone thing which I use under my feet to soften my like under neath and the other thing on the same side is a black looking flat thing which I also use to soften under my feets! Then on the other side there is a brush thing which I use to brush of the dead skin cells and all that kind of stuff of my body and the other one on that same side I don`t really use it for anything and I dont know what its made for to use!

Make sure to clean and exfoliate your toes and feet as well, a lot of time I feel like people forget that and when you look at their legs maybe and see their feet it doesn`t look nice!

Hope you guys enjoyed, and please follow, rate and comment below :) I`m sure you can find these pretty much anywhere if you look around but other then that I dont know where you can get this! :S

xoxo Samadhi

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