The best Super Bowl ad you probably didn`t see

3 years ago

Alright admit is, half of us only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, and after last nights game I would say we only watched half the game for the commercials.
There were lots of commercials some great some you probably don`t care to see again, but there was one advertisement you might have seen but you probably didn`t notice.
Dorito is a company that has commercials during the Super Bowl every year, and their commercials usually bring in big talk for the company the following day.
We`re not talking about the Dorito commercial.
During the Super Bowl you may or may not have noticed a group of people in bright orange jackets in the shape of a triangle. If you`re anything like me you thought `what a weird way to organize group seats` when in reality it was apart of Doritos marketing campaign.
Dorito surprised 50 people with tickets to the Super Bowl, but the seats didn`t come easy in fact a lot of people turned them down.
The video above shows the 50 winners and what they did to get their tickets.
The bravest probably letting the `european` prodigy cut your hair how he wanted without your consideration. Anyone who dared sit in the seat and let him get close with those clippers was in for a bigger surprise!
The next set of winners had to do something a little easier, hug a seemingly homeless man. The man wasn`t looking very clean and spouted on about his need for a hug, and the people who risked their cleanliness got the tickets.
The last tickets went to people in a library helping an old woman fill out an online dating application, except her credentials definitely had the winners blushing.

What do you think?
This campaign and the contest they had for their homemade Super Bowl commercial have me won over. I think it is beautiful to see big corporations celebrating people. People who will do kind things, or weird things just to take the chance.
Way to go Dorito, I for one hope to see more advertising like this in the future.

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