The Best Skincare Regime For Acne I`ve Ever Tried! - Review

4 years ago

Hey guys :)

Today I want to review the Visibly Clear 2-in-1 cleansing gel and face mask and the Visbly Clear oilfree daily moisturizer, both by Neutrogena.

Well I picked up the cleansing gel like a month ago and I already LOVE IT! The consistency is very weird, very thick and it doesn`t foam that well, so I wouldn`t consider it as a gel at all, but the effect it has on your skin is AMAZING!
I have acne prone skin, so I always have to be careful with what I`m using on my skin. This cleanser helped drying out blemishes I had seriously over night! i`ve never seen a product that worked that fast!
Also after you rinse this off, your skin feels sooo great: very refreshed, it`s the same effect with very minty gum for your mouth... but for your skin! It`s great for waking you up in the morning, but also after you`ve been wearing makeup all day long it feels good to wash it all off with this stuff.
I`ve also used it as a mask a few times, and the effects are just the same as just using the gel I`d say. But of course it`s kinda luxurious pampering your face with a face mask from time to time :)

I`ve picked up the moisturizer after I`ve ran out of my old one, because I like using products form the same skin care line.
Both products work amazing together: the cleanser can be a bit drying because, well it`s an acne product and the moisturizer just kicks the moisture back into your skin immidiately!
I have oily skin, so the fact that it`s oilfree even makes my skin stay matte for a longer period of time.

I definitely love these product, my skin has visible cleared up (as the name suggests haha :D)! Know these littlest bumps on your face that you can`t see but feel? Well, mine are gone now, and overall my skin feels very very smooth and just moisturized!

I soo sooo recommend trying this out if you haven`t already! :)

Do you like Neutrogena skin care?
If so, which other products from the Visibly Clear line to you recommend?

Thanks for reading :)

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