The Best Salad to ever exist

2 years ago

I`ve always seen salad as a `side dish` and not pro having salad as a whole meal, it`s not because I don`t enjoy it because I do a lot of the time I just don`t find it to be as appealing as a more hearty meal. However in the past year I have managed to create what I find to be the most delicious salad!

The main ingredient is Halloumi cheese, when cooked correctly it tastes salty and beautiful! It basically melts in your mouth! I either grill it in a pan or sometimes I`ll add a bit of olive oil (But keep an eye on it because burnt Halloumi is not as nice.)

I mix together a salad of spinach leaves, onion, (baby tomatoes for my dad but i opt out on that), cucumbers and of course the Halloumi. I`ll sometimes grill mushroom up and add that in, It doesn`t seem like a huge mix but it sure is a very tasty meal!

Even better when paired with Pepsi Max! Yum!

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