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Even before the invention of cosmetics, notable women of beauty have worn red dyes or colorings on their lips. For instance, Cleopatra, the most beautiful figure in ancient Egypt, wore red lipsticks made from crushed carmine beetles, which excreted deep red pigments and ants for base. In the 16th century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, sporting red pouty lips with rosy pale complexion was considered fashionable. The lipsticks that time were made from beeswax and red stains from plants.

In the 19th century, Guerlain, the oldest French perfumery, manufactured and sold lipsticks en masse. The new fashion and beauty trends have empowered and changed the lives of many women from then on.

Red lips with porcelain skin have remained the epitome of classic beauty. In the 50`s, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor popularized red lipsticks, and up to this day, and maybe forever, it is a symbol of elegance, glamour and taste. Red lips still rules. Although, there are so many lip color options sold in the market, every woman should own and have the privilege to wear and incorporate bright red lipstick in their look. Any skin color of any age will look good in red lipstick.

So here are the best, if not, the top-selling and highly raved red lipsticks in the market today:

1) Giorgio Armani #406 Rouge d`Armani $30 - deep red lipstick in blue base undertone
2) Chanel Rouge Byzantine Rouge Allure Lipstick $32 - known as "iridescent ruby red with a hint of sapphire"
3) Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque $32 - very deep red, very elegant (might have been discontinued)
4) Burberry Hibiscus Lipstick $30 - pink-ruby red in blue base undertone
5) Guerlain Geisha le Rouge G $46 - reddish orange with sheen
6) Guerlain Gwen Rouge G $46 - ruby red with sheen and light shimmer
7) Make Up For Ever #43 Moulin Rouge Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick $19 - bright red orange in satin finish
8) MAC Russian Red $15 - red matte in blue base undertone, very popular red lipstick
9) Rimmel Temptation Lipstick $6 - ruby red with shimmer in blue base undertone
10) NYX Chic Red $4 - vibrant pink red in blue undertone.

The number one rule in wearing red lipstick is to have an immaculate clear skin. The clearer the skin, the creamier the skin texture, the more glamourous you`ll look. Most red lipsticks with blue undertone are best for women with fair skin tones. The fairer the skin, the bigger the pop of red lips. Another rule, is to wear very light or natural eye makeup, as this will enhance your overall look. Dark eyeshadow may appear too strong and can clash with the strong red lips. You want to look as classic as possible.

Red lipsticks seem hard to pull off but with the right red undertone, you can wear it and look effortlessly très chic, très hip, très sexy!

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