The Best Ramen in Calgary

10 months ago

Operation make me a foodie is fully underway - LOLLOL. Ok but for real I do have *some* food posts on here but I honestly havent had the time to really go exploring around the city for certain foods, but I had a ramen craving.. even though I never had ramen before but I kept seeing the odd pics pop up on instagram of ramen around my city, I finally asked one of my co-workers where she went and she had mentioned muku, so naturally I looked up reviews for it on Zomato, only to find a ton of positive reviews, Im looking forward to trying other ramen places around the city, one in bridgeland and one in downtown called `Ramen` how creative lol. As for now, Ive only tried muku, I first stopped there on Dec 27, hoping something would be opened around the holidays, because a lot of these little restaurants around were closed till January. I went with my boyfriend who had a 3 hour drive ahead of him to go back home & figured ramen was a good call for lunch.. boy was I wrong. There was a line up all the way till the door, the place was packed and there were no tables.. This was 1 hour after it opened on a sunday (around 12 noon). Needless to say we left and ended up just having coffee. I finally made it there on a tuesday evening with one of my friends, the place had about 3 tables that were actually full, which was nice because it was peaceful, quiet and it made for a nice dinner. I ordered the Chicken Men which is basically ramen without the broth, Im still not a fan of fish, which Im trying you guys --- expect a sushi review soon! But anyways most of their broths do contain fish, so if youre not a fan its something to keep in mind. This contained fresh warm noodles that were delish! Grilled chicken, eggs, some greens, Lettuce/carrots that were seasoned with .. Umm I wanna say a dressing that had soy sauce in it.. It was tasty! I added some naruto fish cakes to my order..because they looked cute LOL. They werent bad although I only managed to eat 1, noodles make me very full very quickly so I barely finished half of this stuff.. But yes the naruto had a slight fish taste, it has kind of a weird texture similar to imitation crab but a bit more solid -if that makes any sense.. but yeah the food was great, very tasty, pretty decently priced, for the 3 of us it was $42.
I had a great experience and encourage you to try it too! Muku is located in kensington, in the NW.

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