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5 years ago

Hey guys! So if you´re like me, you have to have a signatura scent for when going back to school. Mine used to be Ed Hardy, but I switched over to Juicy Couture for a few years, & now I´m onto Lacoste. Anyway, you know how hard it is to find the perfect perfume for school. You know, not to sweet, (you don´t want to smell like Dylan´s Candy Bar & attract a bunch of bugs), but you also don´t want to smell too sophisticated (No one wants to smell like their grandmother. Or maybe you do. I´m not here to judge but if that´s what you like go for it!) I preffer sweet BUT not candy factor sweet. A little musky, a little tangy or just anything that screams nice & approachable. (: That´s my opinion though. This is just a little list of some of the best perfumes for school, IN MY OPINION, & if you like something else don´t be scared to comment with your opinion.
Anyway here are a few of the best perfumes that I got from Seventeen & my perfumes ofcourse.(: These are in no particular order btw!

1. Oh, Lola! By Marc Jacobs. The sweet scents of raspberry & peony makes this perfume really sweet & flirty! | $68 |
2. DKNY Golden Delicious. (I love DKNY perfumes, they all smell so fresh & ah-mazing!) It´s a cuddly, warm & cozy scent that revolves around Vanilla Orchidd & SandalWood. Love it. It´s totally perfect for school or dates! | $60 |
3. Coach Poppy Flower. It´s perfect for a field day kind of thing, it´s fresh & light. It´s made up of Lychee(I think a type of flower? Haha), Water Lily & Jasmine. I love Coach so much this scent is incredible. | $65 |
4. Mariah Carey Lollipop Splash Never Forget You. I know I said no one wants to smell like a candy factory, but this is honestly an exception. It´s actually made of candy scents, like jellybeans & golden peony. It´s not like you actually rolled around in sugar. This is JUST the right amount of sweet! If that makes any sense at all.. ;) | $35 |
5. I Fancy You by Jessica Simpson. ( I actually don´t really like this scent, but a lot of people do, so I might as well add it to the list!) It´s an energy-filled perfume, with Pear, Citrus & Hyacinth(Again, I have no idea what the hell this is.) It´s supposed to be really playful & flirty, but it´s not my style. Too musky I guess. | $49 |
6. Prada Candy.Another exception to the whole candy factory thing. I don´t like extra, tutti fruity scents. This is actually one of my favorites for school perfumes. It´s an ah-mazing, creamy smell of Carmel, Vanilla & Money. It´s as sweet as ice cream. The scents are creamy & not over the top. It´s warm & cozy. By far one of my faves. But the price is too crazy for me! | $80 |
- The perfume selections were chosen by Meredith Gray, & I just added my own notes & opinions to the famous perfumes!
I use Juicy Couture´s perfume for school, because they are just the right amount of classy & I love having something name brand.(: Plus people love the smell. I also currently use Lacoste. The original perfume. Love it. You should seriously try it! It´s musky & not sweet at all.. so be warned!
What are your fave perfumes? Comment below loves!
xx - anna
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