The best ingredients to look for in anti-wrinkle

Currently there is a wide variety of anti-aging treatments, can reverse the aging process of external form without having to resort to cosmetic surgery. Everything depends on the value you want to spend and where you want to remove the unwanted signs of aging. Some of the components of the anti-aging creams cause visible long-term results, some have a greater incidence in terms of superficial wrinkles, other skin smoothness and the other at the level of the deeper wrinkles. Some of these treatments may also be complementary.

Skin rejuvenation with dermatological products
These are the specific ingredients in the creams reducing the effects of aging such as sun exposure, wrinkles, blemishes, among others, should contain.

These treatments may act both on the surface as deeply, everything depends on the active agent.

The retinol exists in many cosmetic products, retinol helps to gradually remove superficial wrinkles, pigmentation and skin abused by sun exposure (eg products from L`Oreal, Oil of Olay).
The antioxidants vitamin E and C aid in hydration and excessive pigmentation of the skin (eg WhiteLight of Estee Lauder, Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence and Innovative Skincare Active Serum, both of Sisley).
Treatments that contain antioxidants derived from the best plants (eg DOIRSNOW of Dior).
Algae fermented white pigments known to exist in anti-inflammatory creams and some are capable of removing stains brown pigment resulting from exposure to sunlight (eg La Blanc Mer).
Treatments containing lemon extract and pearl powder to reduce discoloration and give a new radiance to the skin (eg, the Comfort Zone Absolute Pearl).
Creams containing extract of chestnut-flower of India-and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants and can renew the skin (eg Narsskin of Nars Lightening Cream).
Products that contain Alpha Hydroxy acids are especially advised to renew the skin (eg, Alpha Hydrox, Avon).
Products containing salicylic acid are suitable for cell renewal (eg Clinique).
Products containing oligopeptide are ideaispara prevent wrinkles (ex: Stri-vectin, Lâncome Resolution).
Some of the beauty treatments that include the ingredients mentioned above are most common when considering anti-aging products. Many institutes and dermatology offices have their own products, so you can always ask what the active ingredient of the treatment and what their characteristics. Using a product at the beginning of the day and at bedtime may be another way to compensate for a lack of component in a product as a cream mixed with each other may cause the active components to cancel, which is not recommended procedure. Any dermatologist will be able to help select the right cream for your skin type. If you use these products regularly can prevent treatments such as dermabrasion or more invasive techniques to remove the traces of age.

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