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3 years ago

Ive heard so many great things about coconut oil and how its amazing as a hair treatment and I must say it has seriously changed my life! Not to sound super dramatic but it really has been great for my hair and scalp! During the summer I started to notice that my scalp was getting dry and I also noticed flakes in my hair. I assumed that it was because of the heat and lack therefore of moisture in my hair and scalp. I also that my scalp was getting itchy and of course I associated that with the flaking. During this time I was using and have been using the Kirkland Salon Progessional shampoo and conditioner which 100% vegan, sulfate, gluten and paraben free. I was using that shampoo and conditioner combination for probably almost a year and a half at that point and I also associated that with my issue. So one day I finally took the plunge and purchased some coconut oil for my hail plus changed my shampoo and conditioner regiment. I bought my coconut oil from Trader Joes which was about five dollars and it was for a 16 fl oz. jar.
The first time I used it I applied it mostly to the ends of my hair and then ended up applying on my scalp. I tied up my hair in a bun and let it sit in my hair for a few hours while I got some other work and chores done. I also want to mention that this stuff smells AMAZING! If you love the scent of coconut, your for sure like this! Then in the shower I rinsed it out of my hair and shampooed and conditioned my hair after. I didnt notice anything yet with my hair being wet but I did love the fact that the scent of coconut lingered in my hair! I let my hair air dry for a while then when I blow dried it OMG my hair was super soft!! After a day or two I still noticed the dry flaky scalp but after at least two weeks of applying coconut oil to my hair and scalp it did go away which was great. I really loved the turnout the first time so its become a once a week routine for me that I would apply coconut oil to my hair. I usually do it on the weekend but I do it at lease once a week and it just leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft!
If youve ever thought about this kind of treatment for your hair I highly recommend it! You can easily do it at home and its cost efficient! One jar of coconut oil is about five dollars and that jar will last a long time. have any of you ever tried this?

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