The Best Granola Bar Ever!

4 years ago

Back in March I went to an event where they had a box of Kind almond and coconut granola bars at the food table. I saved it until I got home. If only I had known how delicious they were I would`ve gotten more. It`s better than any granola bar I`ve EVER had. I`m seriously obsessed with it. Flavour wise, I would rate it a 10/10.

What`s good about this granola bar is that it uses natural ingredients. It`s also gluten free, which is good for those who can`t have gluten. But don`t think you have to be a gluten free eater to have one of these as it tastes amazing. The only bad thing about it is that it runs a bit high on the calorie side - around 200 calories. The bar itself is sweet so that`s probably where the extra calories come from.

This is the only Kind granola bar I`ve ever had and I`ve only had it once. I haven`t seen it at any big grocery store and the natural food store that my mom went to didn`t have them. I`ve seen them sold individually for about $2.25 which I think is WAY overpriced.

Overall I would rate these granola bars an 8/10 because they`re hard to find and they`re expensive.

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