The BEST gentle exfoliator.

4 years ago

I`ve talked about exfoliators from low end to high end. Today I`m going to talk about an amazing product that is usually sold overseas in Asian countries. This is the Cure Natural Aqua Gel and is said to sell ONE bottle EVERY 20 SECONDS! When I hear something like that, I know it`s going to be awesome. I first heard about this product from BubzBeauty on youtube. I absolutely adore her and love all the products that she uses. Now I will admit the price tag kind of got me in the beginning but I`ll repurchase this until I die! lol That was probably an exaggeration, but I really do love this and I dont know where I`d be without it. I will say, it`s not as expensive as some other high end exfoliators such as ExfoliKate or Laura Mercier Face Polish.

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This is perfect for an skin tone and any skin type, while being fragrance free. You just put this gel on your skin and wait about 20 seconds to let the enzymes work. After a while you just massage your face and you`ll slowly feel little balls of dead skin sloughing off. It`s super gentle and it doesn`t `thin` out the skin. I noticed this has really helped lessen any irritation that other exfoliators may give me. It`s an effective exfoliator that is EXTREMELY gentle. If you`re like me with acne prone skin, this is a definite MUST HAVE because my skin tends to `flake` whenever I get breakouts. This helps so, so much and I`m so happy to find this product.

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