The Best Country Yogurt

4 years ago

This is such an old post, but hey! Luuux was acting up and my
posts were uploaded more than once so I decided to edit it instead
of losing my points for it! HAHA

But yeah! This was taken during Labor Day weekend when I spent
my time in Pensacola, Florida. Since my brother was working all day
he wanted to treat us with yogurt. The only Yogurt places I`m in love
and will spend my money would`ve to be Pinkberry and Red Mango.
Those two places have the best yogurt everrrrrrrr!

Since I wasn`t home in NOLA he took us to a place called TBCY? In my
head I was like TCBY... What in the world does that means? LOL Honestly
it means The Best Country Yogurt. HAHA! If I can remembered I got their
Kiwi Strawberry Sorbet and probably Classic Tart. This is a self serve
place where you get your own yogurt and add the toppings yourself.
I added shaved almonds, mochi my favorites and strawberries. I think
I see a Captain Crunch in there. LMAO. Overall, it was good, but it won`t
top Pinkberry & Red Mango.

1. Do you have a TBCY in your area?
2. What`s your favorite yogurt place?

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