The BEST base coat.

4 years ago

I think I may have just discovered the BEST base coat that I`ve ever used! Here I have the L`Oreal Paris nail polish in 200 One Stop Base.

There surely can`t be a whole lot to say about a base coat, but trust me, I can always find more things to talk about. So here`s my review on this fantabulous nail polish from L`Oreal!

First off, the formula of the polish is JUST PERFECT. As in, not too watery, but not too thick. It stays on the nail and won`t travel to the skin around them. And you don`t have to work layer by layer because after one coat, it`s like, BAM. Done.

And another great thing-- it dries soooo fast! I`ve never worked with a nail polish that could dry as quickly as this one does. So you can move on to your colored polish without having to wait fifteen minutes for the base to dry. Another point for L`Oreal!

Plus, it`s really inexpensive! I got the polish for around $5 at Target. It`s not at the lowest end of the price range, but isn`t ridiculously high either. It fits my budget!

Sometimes, I even like to wear it alone for a total shine look on my nails! It works as a clear coat making your nails look super healthy and nice without any color necessary! For my school musical last year, we weren`t allowed to wear nail polish. I didn`t like leaving my nails bare without any color or ANYTHING, so I put a layer of this on my nails and they looked so much better.

A lovely product indeed! This is the first time I`ve bought a nail polish from L`Oreal, and after this success, I`ve got to go ahead and try some more.

I could continue to ramble on and on over this amazing buy, but I know you`ll get tired of it sooner or later, so I`ve got to say that this is the end. Thanks for reading!

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