The Benefits of Wearing Knee Braces for Skiing

Skiing is a great sport enjoyed by many people, however like any enjoyable experience, there are precautions worth considering. Safety measures that ensure you enjoy the slopes your whole life through. are fast becoming an essential piece of kit to take to the slopes. Every jump and twist on the snow impacts, pressurises and strains your knee joints which can lead to long-term injuries or discomforts. Knee braces for skiing relieve you of that worry and pain by offering support around the 4 crucial ligaments in use while skiing (Anterior Cruciate, Posterior Cruciate, Lateral Collateral and Medial Collateral Ligaments). Is it really worth investing in knee braces for skiing? Surely not everybody is affected? The truth is that a pair of knee braces will keep you on the slopes for longer, for a smoother experience and with a significantly reduced risk of injury. The reason why is simple: skiing involves abnormal knee joint and ligament movements. A skier`s feet are locked inside their boots leaving the knees to do all the work, something that they aren`t used to in everyday life. This is nothing to worry about! However it might be worth considering the benefits of knee braces to ensure a care-free trip. Prevention is better than cure. Of course as well as offering added stability for a smoother ski experience, knee braces can help those already nursing an injury. Whether you have undergone major Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery or are nursing a sprain, a knee brace offers you the relief and support to continue skiing whilst protecting the injury. It is not advised to hit the slopes on a weakened or damaged knee joint and therefore a supportive brace is an addition that both orthopaedic consultants and physiotherapists regularly recommend. Another point to consider is the unpredictability of a day (or night) on the slopes. A recent survey listed a score of different ways to sustain a minor or major knee injury. These ranged from the frequent tumbles experienced by beginners to the hard-hitting landings of an Olympic professional. Whatever the case, the recurring theme was that the cause of injury was far too unpredictable to quantify. Causes included bad technique, repeated movement, uneven terrain, simple exhaustion or lack of care at the start or end of the day. The chances of avoiding every cause every time is too low to rely on. The overwhelming assumption is that a knee brace is worth wearing on the slopes. Like wearing a seat belt when driving, or crash helmet on a motorbike, the day may never come when you need it but it is protection worth having, just in case. So next time you`re planning your trip to the Alps or Aspen, consider investing in some knee braces for a smoother, more pleasurable skiing experience. For more information and advice about knee braces for skiing, please visit skiing

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