The Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

4 years ago

If you have dry skin, chapped lips, sunburn, rough/cracked cuticles, burns, cuts, scrapes, etc, youll love Vitamin E Oil! I found this at the Family Dollar in my home town for just under $7 a bottle - and believe me it goes a very long way. Vitamin E caplets have been broken up and used for this same purpose, but its NOT the same. Vitamin E Oil is a topical skin treatment, and the pill caplets are meant to be swallowed for a different purpose.

Vitamin E Oil has a thick syrupy like consistency, and ill admit it is a tad greasy at first but absorbs quickly. Both of my young daughters had chapped lips at the beginning of winter here in Ohio so i bought this to alleviate that. I figured this was the most natural way instead of chapstick with all its chemicals.

I was right - its scentless, colorless, extremely gentle and pure. If you have any type of dryness, cut, or scrape this oil will not burn or irritate you in any way whatsoever, which is perfect for sensitive kids! I applied this to my daughter overnight before bedtime and in the morning all redness and dryness was gone from their lips.

I decided id try this on my cuticles, and guess what? It also works amazingly well for that too! And the best part is you only have to use the teeny tiniest little bit, so the $7 you paid will go an extremely long way. I would highly recommend this if you have sensitive skin, kids, or just like to use pure natural products. Its amazing!!

Have you tried Vitamin E Oil? Would you try it?

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