The Benefits of Kefir!

3 years ago

Awhile back I realized I had been getting stomach aches while eating certain foods, but I didn`t know which ones were the problem. After talking with my mom, we narrowed it down to an allergy that would be either gluten, soy, or lactose. I took a stroll down the organic isle at the local grocery store while my mom was shopping for everything else, and I came across this bottle of Kefir. I looked at the top and it said gluten free and 99% lactose free so I decided to try it and if I still got a stomach ache then it would probably be soy so I would have to go to the doctor for soy intolerance testing. This didn`t give me a stomach ache so I`m hoping it`s lactose because it`s a lot easier to cut out than gluten. Anyways, I had never heard of Kefir so I decided to read up a little on what it was and I found out it is very beneficial. Here are a few of the benefits!

1. Kefir is a unique fermented milk drink that promotes normal functioning of the bowels.

2. This product is considered dietary due to its low calorie content.

3. Those who care about their shape prefer to satisfy their hunger before bedtime with a cup of kefir.

4. It normalizes the activity of the stomach and intestines, has beneficial effects on the nervous system and metabolism, reduces the risk of cancer and has many other advantages.

5. Physicians recommend to include it in the diet while taking medications. Medicines are assimilated faster, and their side effects are reduced.

6. Kefir also enhances immunity.

7. It has the ability to remove headaches during menstruation and menopause.

8. For people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, kefir can help relieve the load on the heart muscle.

If you have ever tried the brand of yogurt called `Activia`, it tastes like that but a little more milky. Activia and Kefir are very similar since they both benefit the digestive system. This bottle is a little expensive at $4 a bottle. The brand I got is Lifeway and I got the flavor in strawberry but I have also tried pomegranate. They also have raspberry, plain, blueberry, and many others. They also have frozen kefir which I would love to try! This is actually really good when served super cold!

Hope you all enjoyed! Thanks for viewing!

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