The Benefits of Being Ugly

2 years ago

Being stereotypically ugly has always been thought of as a bad thing...until now. Since attaining the title of being pretty is the goal of a lot of people, I thought it was a great idea to count all of the benefits that `ugly` people have in life but may not know it yet.

1. People are more comfortable talking to you!
Most of us admire and fawn over all of the tall, tan and pretty people we see but as we all know those people can also be relatively intimidating. So, in contrast, people who are not pretty, according to mainstream media, are less intimidating and are more likely to have people come up and start conversations with them.

2. Low expectations from others!
If someone looks at you and thinks your ugly, they are not going to expect you to look like a runway model the next time they see you. If they catch you at the mall in yoga pants, they are not going to think that you let yourself go or you stopped trying. That person is just going to say to themselves `oh hey, there`s Emily from school`.

3. People are nicer to you!
Although this might seem contrary to popular belief, people are nicer to uglier people! Most of the time people are mean to others because they are envious of what they have or who they are. If they think you are uglier than them, they have no reason to hate you.

4. Stereotypically, you are smarter!
This is an age-old stereotype but I think there is some evidence to back it up (at least anecdotal evidence). I`m not saying that all smart people are ugly but I do think its accurate to say that most of the people in AP classes and Ivy League schools are not the image we think of when we hear the words `pretty`, `model` or `gorgeous`.
5. Better in bed/relationships!

6. Prettier later in life!
Anyone over 30 with a Facebook account can vouch that after high school and college the tides will turn and usually people who bloom earlier in life will not turn out great later in life and vice versa. If you haven`t `bloomed` yet, just wait.

7. No pressure to `stay pretty`!
No counting calories. No gym. And no spending excessive amounts of money on clothing and make and accessories. Of course you can (and probably should) do these things in moderation, you will not feel the pressure from society to do things in excess. Ad if you stop doing these things all together, not many people will notice.

8.You stand out more!
In a world where everybody is trying to be gorgeous and stand out, most of us end up looking the same. Dyed blonde hair, face full of make, body covered in fake tanning products and BrandyMelville and Forever21 clothing. But if you are true to yourself and some think it is ugly, others will definitely notice how original you are and will notice and admire you for it.

9. You will look pretty to the people around you!
Finally, the last reason being ugly so good is because to the people you surround yourself with, you aren`t actually ugly. The Familiarity Principle of Attraction states that you will become attracted to people you surround yourself with. This is the reason you will have a crush on someone you go to school with or work with when in actuality you would have a crush on them if you passed them in the street or saw them in a commercial. The people you associate yourself with will eventually, subconsciously think of you as pretty or attractive (even if you`re not) because they are familiar with you.

So, If you are don and out because you think you are ugly, relax because there are a lot of benefits of being ugly. The first being, You are not actually Ugly to the people you surround yourself with!

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