The Benefits of a Fish Pedicure

4 years ago

Fish pedicures are a unique new spa and salon treatment, using small fish to gently nibble off dead skin and calluses on the feet. The Garra rufa obtuse fish are also commonly referred to by other names, including doctor fish, Kangal fish, nibble fish, nibblers, and reddish long suckers. The concept may sound unusual, but there are actually several benefits associated with this natural pedicure. No Need for Razors or Other Tools Traditional pedicures use razors to carefully shave down calluses and rough, dead skin. With a fish pedicure, the small fish take the place of the razor, eliminating dry skin and calluses as they nibble, and leaving the feet soft and smooth. Therefore, this pedicure appeals to many people who seek alternative methods of healing and beauty. Provides Gentle Relaxation Far from being painful, people usually describe the sensation as a slight tickling or tingling feeling on the skin around the feet. It often induces giggles at first, but many regulars say that the sensation is pleasant and relaxing. Its calming effect is one of the major benefits of the pedicure. Customers simply sit and soak their feet in warm water for several minutes, letting the skin soften ready for their pretty small shoes. Serves as a Natural Method of Exfoliation and Dry Skin Treatment Since the Garra rufa obtuse fish are natural dwellers of hot water springs in the wild, the water at the spa is able to be kept at a comfortably warm temperature without any harm to the fish. The high water temperature also makes the fish more inclined to nibble at dry skin, due to the limited plant and nutrient growth in a hot springs environment. Therefore, the fish will feed on whatever they can, making them naturally drawn to the dead skin on a human foot. The fish have no teeth, meaning that the process is never dangerous or painful. Additionally, the dry, flaking skin is the easiest for them to consume without teeth, and so they leave the live flesh intact. Although most customers receive fish pedicures for exfoliation (especially athletes and people with rough feet or calluses), the pedicures may also be helpful for people with skin conditions such as psoriasis, which is another benefit of the treatment. Gaining Increased Popularity Worldwide The treatment is becoming increasingly popular in Japan and other Asian countries, although spas in other areas of the world have also begun to incorporate doctor fish pedicures in their menus as a luxury service. In most cases, only a few minutes of treatment are necessary to achieve smoother, softer skin. First-timers may only wish to try the pedicure for only two or three minutes, whereas those who are accustomed to the sensation or desire more exfoliation can soak their feet for ten to fifteen minutes or more, which is usually the standard. Provides a Well-Rounded and Effective Pedicure Experience Some spas have larger, communal foot pools where many fish dwell, and spa-goers can sit together during the pedicure. Other spas feature small, individual foot baths. Usually, the customers feet are cleaned prior to submerging them in the fish-filled footbath. Customers may not use the service if they have cuts or broken skin on the feet, in order to avoid any possibility of infection. The water and tanks must be cleaned and sanitized regularly in order to maintain proper levels of hygiene. The same fish have also been employed to create manicure services, and even full-body baths for greater levels of exfoliation. After the doctor fish have nibbled at the customers feet for several minutes, the pedicure is usually continued with a standard foot scrub, massage, nail filing, trimming, and buffing, and a coat of polish to finish the treatment. My name is Nisha. Feel free to visit our site for more information health fashion beauty

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