The Beer Keg Workout-Get Fit With A Keg!

4 years ago

There is more use for a beer keg after all than just supplying a party with drinks. While doing some research for my recent crossfit post ( here if you want to check it out - ), i found something that it seemed interesting which was the use of a beer keg as resistance.

I did found more about the use of beer kegs to do things like squats and other other exercises, this using the kegs full of something to give more weight, which people call "keg conditioning". It does seem to be good way to use a object for resistance other than weights that sometimes don`t go as high in lb as you would wish.
I also found this reference to a keg run on crossfit and from what i understood you just carry the keg while running. There is not much details on it, so probably is not a very popular use and i was surprise to even see it because its something that can be dangerous. I do presume the kegs are empty and light, otherwise it would be very dangerous but since i can`t find much on it probably isn`t very common.

I think this is a great use for something that some people might have around or are going to throw out and it seems like it can be very effective, especially for squats.
I never owned a beer keg (we usually buy six-packs around here) but if ever get one i will know i will be able to workout while i drink xD

<strong>Would you use a beer keg as resistance?
Have you ever used other objects besides weights in strength training?</strong>

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