The beauty of life 11 best feelings in the world

This post is about beauty, but not about hair, or make up, or nails, or cosmetic products... This post is about beauty of life and small things that mean a lot.

People say that the best things in the world are free. I agree but I cannot deny that there are some things you have to pay to enjoy in. :) Anyway, I`d like to focus on those indeed small things that surround us, that can happen at anytime and don`t really cost a thing. I`m talking about those things and moments when you have a feeling that universe bestows you with a small token of appreciation. A reward. You did something good and it returns at you in a certain chain of those small good things.
I can write here only from my point of veiw about the small things that make me happy, but I believe there will be a lot of you agreeing with me. So, let`s see...
1. Waking up by yourself, without alarm-clock
-waking up slowly, lying in your warm cousy bed, curled between the covers like a big cinnamon bun. ^_^
2. Smell of fresh coffee and `fresh` day
-that feeling when you find a perfect place in the garden of your favourite coffee-shop, on a warm breezy spring day
3. Sitting on the bank of sea/river
-watching over the water, listening to the waves... (play Mr.Probs-Waves and you`ll understand what I`m talking about)
4.Having someone to share those moments with
-having someone who loves you back, hold your hand, someone who is always there for you to share your happiness or your saddnes; someone who will drink that coffee with you and listen to the sound of waves... Someone who can sit next to you, not saying a single word and you two still will fulfiled.
5. Laughing your ass of so your stomach starts to hurt
-you know those moments when your sitting with your friends and jokes and puns just keep adding on and on and you all start laughing and you cannot stop, even you lose your voice and you just shake like you have epilepsy-attack... At one moment, you just laugh because all the other people are laugh ing and their laugh and faces so contagious... And you laugh again, after couple of days when somebody brings up the same subject!
6. Knowing what to wear and feeling great in that outfit
-Okay, girls will definitley understand this one. It`s a complete NIGHTMARE when you take out all of your clothes out and YOU KNOW you like all those things (you bought them, right) and you also know that you wore them before, but... Hm... You`re just `not feeling it now`. I cannot explain that feeling to myself, but damn, why would I? Not like finding explination to that side of woman`s brain would help, we would still have a problem. So, one of the best feelings is when you open your closet and you know exactly what to wear.
7.Perfect timing
-catching a bus right when you get to bus-station, finishing a song at the same time as car stops, getting in the classroom 10sec before professor and many more of similar situations...
8.Turning music up so windows start trembling
-Love thy neighbour, make them listen good music. :D LoL No, seriously, I love this one. Turning music up so you cannot hear your own voice, singing, dancing around the house, jumping, runing, dancing with your extremely confused pet, using hair-bursh or perfume-bottle like microfone...
9.Eating your favourite childhood-dish
-We all want to be indenpendent, there is no way of stopping us becoming adults (unfortunately), but one of the best feelings is when you get to your mums house (or your mum simpley surprises you, if you still live with your parents) and she makes you your fav childhood-meal. The smell, the taste, the attention, the feeling that mum made it for you (it`s never the same when you try to make it on your own) gives you that warm, happy feeling in you stomach and your head.
10.Dancing perfectly
-Well, I don`t know about the rest of you, but I am a dancer and one of the best feelings for me is when go to the party, grab a boy, perfect song comes on and we dance it perfectly - beat, melody, rhythme... Everything at right moment! I`d also like to add that noticing everybodys watching you at that moment is also awesome feeling and it boosts up your self-confidence like crazy! :)
11.Being hugged by your pet
-I think that this feeling is something close to being hugged by your own child (I don`t know, I don`t have kids yet :D), just being hugged by someone smaller, weaker than you, someone who depends on you and loves you honestly and unconditionally.

Surely, there are many more things and this list could go on and on, but let`s stop here and enjoy in this small particle of whan happiness consists of. <3


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