The answer to all our prayers?!

5 years ago

yeah.. the titles cheesy I know..

But! it is serious business. It`s not the most prettiest of topics but.. lets face it girls, unless you have flawless, perfect skin, we all get the occasional.. spots!!

I am grateful that I don`t have too problematic skin and can get away with not having to use constant spot fighting products, however, I am a girl, and a teen so I do get the occasional spots. `Persa-gel 10` was recommended to me by my sister after I had a horrific break-out on my forehead (for those who don`t always get spots, it can be quite dis-heartening and for me, it definitely lowered my confidence) and for that, I will be forever grateful to her :P

I have tried quite a few spot treatments in the past; salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, you name it, I`ve tried it. But majority of the time, they either dry out my skin too much, or don`t you anything at all for me (yes panoxyl, I`m talking out you :P) But this is the first product that has actually worked to get rid of my spots, and really quickly too :D

This product is not actually available in the UK which is the only bummer and so we have to order it online, but I believe it`s available in the US in most drugstores.
If you guys are interested in a new spot fighting treatment, then I would really recommend this! :)

Hope this helped any of guys out :) x

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