The Amazing Spiderman - Movie Review

4 years ago

In the beggining, I didn`t know if I should go to the cinema to see this movie. Spiderman didn`t look very appealing. However, Emma Stone is my favorite actress, my inspiration, and I also love Andrew Garfield, so I went to the cinema and I`m glad I did, because I don`t regret it, at all!

In the first place, this is not a copy from the 2002 movie, there are many differences and the new movie is related to the other part of the comic books, to the original one, I believe. Curiosity time, Gwen Stacy is actually Spideman`s original love (not Mary Jane) and she ends up dying in the comic books, so Peter Parker marries Mary Jane.

The special effects are amazing, each scene is perfectly made and the script is also very good. In some movies with heroes, such as The Avengers, the script is confusing and hard to keep up with, and here I could understand everything and enjoy the history.

Now, about the acting, If I start writing about Andrew`s and Emma`s chemistry I will probably write a huge and sentimental text.

Andrew Garfield was overwhelming. He allowed me to love Spiderman, and Tobey M wasn`t able to do that, in my opinion. Andrew looked like a teenager, teens could actually identify whith the character because of him, and Tobey M looked to old for the role. His scenes convenced me 100%, and now, more than ever, he shows us he is one of the most promising Hollywood actors. Emma showed us what we already knew she could do (she is just perfect), and I`m more than proud with her work. We can also find huge differences between Gwen Stacy e Mary Jane. Mary Jane is just so... ugh. She is the typical pretty girl from high school, while Gwen is actually a major part of the story, she helps, she is a fighter, she is not just a pretty face.

And the chemistry... OMG THE CHEMISTRYYY. FENOMENAL, EXCELLENT, IT GOES BEYOND Tobey`s and Kristen`s chemistry, one of the best I`ve ever seen (well, that`s why the are boyfriend and girlfriend). They make us believe in love, and the scene where he is hurt and she helps him? Just beautiful.

On the whole, I pretty much loved the movie, it is a 9.5 in 10.
Do you agree with me? Or not?

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