The 5 Must Have Makeup Brushes


Make-up is all about application. Apply it well and you can look natural, sophisticated, enchanting or downright steamy. Slap it on wrong and well, we`ve all seen what bad make-up look likes, no description needed. What can make the difference? Blending. Blending takes you from uneven splotches of color to fine and soft shadows. And expert blending means having the right brushes.

It`s worth it to invest in good quality brushes. With good care, brushes can last a long time. You actually can wash them with gentle shampoo, rinse well and lay them flat until they dry. The better the brushes are made, the less likely they are to spill hairs, poke you, and the more effectively they will apply your cosmetics.

A professional make-up artist never goes anywhere without his/her brushes like a chef with their knives. There are dozens of sizes and types. But here are the five essential ones that you shouldn`t be without.

1. A Round Blush Brush

This is a nice, full and round (not too flat) brush that you can use for your blush and bronzer. You`ll want to pay attention to the feel of this brush when you pick it, as it`ll be sweeping across the delicate apples of your cheeks. You`ll most likely want to pick a brush with natural hairs for this, as it`ll grab the pigments of the make-up more effectively
2. A Big Powder Brush

Whether you`re trying to combat a shiny face or perfecting your black-tie affair look, this classic, powder brush is indispensable. Use it for loose or pressed powder, or you can also use it to bronze areas like your neck and d├ęcolletage even dust your shoulders. Try Sephora`s Pro Powder Brush #50 ($40), which has a weighted handle for ease of application.

3. Medium Rounded Eye Shadow Brush

There are dozens of these sorts of eye-shadow brushes to choose from. But the one you want is a good medium-sized rounded one, made of natural fibers. In the same vein as the blush brush, the natural hairs are going to pick up the pigments of the color a lot better than a synthetic brush

The rounded tip is a good choice for general purpose blending, rather than a square tip, which would be more about creating angles. (But if you use cream shadows more, I would opt to use disposable sponge applicators or your finger.)

4. A Small Eyeliner Brush

What would we do without eyeliner? It takes you from plain to bombshell in oh, about an inch. You want a small eyeliner brush, but not the tiniest, to give you the freedom to do both cream/liquid and powder lines. You could also use it to line your lips. So it`s a triple threat! Make Up For Ever`s Eye Shadow Brush ($22), is a solid choice with its slightly rounded edges for comfort in application near the eye.
5.A brow brush I can never stress how important our brows are. Your hair frames your face, yes. But your brows they frame your expression, and your facial structure. A brow brush can give your arches great lift, actually. And who doesn`t want a little bit of that? Use it to brush them upwards and out

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