The $4 Large Sausage Pizza!

4 years ago

This is the product of ordering a large pepperoni pizza at 9:55 at night when your local pizzeria closes at 10. I happen to know the owner as Ive been a withstanding customer for years. I called and asked if it was to late to submit an order, the owner told me not at all. So I ordered 2 sandwiches, hung up the phone and realized wed need at least a pizza or something since we had one additional person to feed. I called back and asked if I could throw on a large roni and the owner said Hey Shannon, I have a large sausage that just came out of the oven and the caller canceled, want that instead? Ill give it to you for 4 bucks, if not thats fine I can make the roni for you. I was surprised and said no thats fine, Ill take it! So sausage pizza we got and sausage pizza we ate. It was really yummy I LOVE the pizza from this pizza joint. The dough is thinner on the bottom with a nice puffy crust and they use the perfect amount of sausage vs. cheese and they load whatever toppings you request on it. I dont mind paying $10-12 for a large pizza because youre always going to get your moneys worth.

Do you like sausage pizza?

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