The 10 Commandments of Lipstick!

So I was reading Allure, and I thought you gals would want to see what they gave as the 10 commandments of lipstick! Its really good advice and makes complete sense, Its just a few things that everyone needs to just read up on, either to learn new things, or know that your killing it with the lips! (; so here we go!

1. Exfoliate! You should exfoliate atleast twice a week, removing the dead skin from your lips is a must when wearing matte or semi-matte lipstick!

2. Avoid Shimmer! Shimmer always reminds me of like 1980s lipstick. Personally Ive never liked the way Frost finished lipsticked look on me, they just seem very cheap, and you want your lips to look like a million bucks! An attractive alternative is just a small amount of shine coming over lips!

3. Pick the right bright! Finding the right BOLD lipcolor is crucial to making the perfect bright look right! The tip is not going from your skin color, its going from your natural lip color. Pale lips should go for more cherry red or coral lipstick; naturally reddish lips should go for hot pink, cranberry or orange; dark pink lips should go for a brick red or burgandy.

4. Look good nude! (; A nude lipstick that looks good should be either a shade darker or a shade lighter than your natural lip color.

5. Avoid the vampire effect! Blue or black based shades can be too severe, aging, and just scary. To avoid the vampire effect, try to look for lipsticks that have a berry undertone!

6. Dont worry about the liner! Liner is used less and less these days, since the lipstick formulations recently are non-bleeding. To enhance your lips, try a lipliner that matches your lips not your lipstick.

7. Soften the edges. Careful application is good, but being extremely precise isnt. Just smudge the outline of your lips slightly.

8. Start in the middle. When applying lipstick, apply it first in the middle and blend outwards, starting on the edges will make it look a bit clownish, but just change it up and start in the middle!

9. Dont over do it! To keep a strong lipstick shade from looking too heavy by applying it on just your bottom lip, pressing lips together, and using your finger or brush to distribute the color over your mouth.

10. BLOT, BLOT, BLOT! To keep your lipstick lasting longer and brighter, apply a coat of lipstick on your lips, blog it with a tissue, and then apply a second coat. This will create a base coat, then the second layer will be the top coat! GENIUS!

I hope this helps some girls out, and for the girls that already know these, keep doing what your doing, cause youre killing it!

Thanks for reading!

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