That`s My Boy Review

4 years ago

My boyfriend and I were scrolling through the selection at RedBox and he said that his brother and his wife claimed that the movie That`s My Boy is really funny. Renting a movie for a day is only $1, so we rented it along with other DVDs.

That`s My Boy is about this teenager who has relations with his teacher and gets her pregnant... The teacher goes to jail and the teenager takes care of their baby. The baby, Hans Sol, grows up to be obese and is brought up in an unstable environment because of his young father. Hans Sol changes his name to Todd and is engaged to Jamie. He even tries to get away from his father, but his father finds him in the newspaper while he was at the strip club and goes to his son`s boss`s house where they all stay for Todd`s wedding. The father ends up lying to Todd for money to pay to the government to prevent going to jail. Just when they get along, Todd finds out his father`s lie. Jamie has been cheating on Todd with her brother... They break up. Father and son rejoice.

The movie was really funny. It was a bit predictable. I didn`t enjoy the beginning. It was really disturbing with the teacher and the student.

What do you think about That`s My Boy?

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