That was a good burger!

5 years ago

i stopped by fuddruckers for the first time today. typically, i wait to try a new place until i can thoroughly yelp/research it and/or get decent recommendations from people who have been, BUT it was just so tempting! i quickly skimmed this particular location`s yelp page on my phone and decided to grab a burger.

i think what really intrigued me most about this place is its elk, buffalo, and ostrich burgers. i`m not a foodie and i typically like to stick with what i know, but i did feel tempted to get an elk burger! sadly, the more exotic meats are only offered in the half pound patty and i wasn`t feeling THAT hungry, so i stuck with a 1/3 pound hamburger (no cheese!) and some fries. i asked for the hamburger to be cooked medium - that`s how i typically like my meats to be cooked and especially how i like my burgers!

i asked for my order to go, and when my name was called, everything was put into a nice little to-go box. then i proceeded to the toppings bar, where you can put whatever toppings you so desire on your burger. i got lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and jalapeno slices. i got little to-go tubs of ketchup and mayo.

when i got back to my dorm room over an hour later, unfortunately my food was all cold :( but that`s okay! haha i`ve learned not to be whiny about those things. i was going to pop everything in the microwave for 30 seconds, but i knew everything would get soggy so i decided to just eat everything cold.

my biggest complaint with both the things i ordered would be sodium content. oh my goodness, everything was so salty, including the hamburger patty, which is something i`ve never had a problem with! i mean it was a bigger problem with the fries than with the burger, but i do distinctly feel like the patty was also quite a bit saltier than other burgers i`ve tried.

i love how fresh all the toppings were! everything was super crisp and tasty :)

what made the burger were the buns. OHHHH MY GOODNESS, BEST BUNS I`VE EVER HAD. IF YOU`VE HAD FUDDRUCKERS, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. they make their buns fresh in-house and they`re PERFECTLY toasted. HEAVEN!!!!

overall, definitely a good meal and not too expensive (~$8 for the burger - no cheese - and fries). i can see myself going back! it`s definitely not the best burger you can get, but i never think you can go too wrong with burgers. this place definitely didn`t disappoint! next time i go, i want to try something new and exotic, like that elk burger i was thinking about!

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