Thanksgiving Dessert Leftovers!

4 years ago

There were quite a bit of leftovers from my Thanksgiving dinner with my family and so when I left home to come back to school, my Mom loaded me up with food to take back. I won`t say no to delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, haha! :) I also got to take back some dessert with me! Yum!!!

This is the dessert plate my Mom compiled for me to take back to school, lol. There`s apple pie, pumpkin pie, and chocolate cake. Too good to resist! I honestly have no idea how I still have any of it in my fridge, haha.

The apple pie is my absolute favorite!! It`s my grandmother`s homemade apple pie and it is seriously the best apple pie I`ve ever had. Sometimes she`ll make it randomly during the year and surprise me with it because she knows I love it :) She`s the best!! I`m going to try and make it myself one of these days.

The pumpkin pie was also made by my grandma. She`s an awesome baker! And she makes everything the "old fashioned way" lol. She does it all from scratch by hand. We always talk about how easy it is to do things nowadays compared to 40-50 years ago. But I always tell her that because I grew up watching her and my Mom do everything from scratch and by hand, that`s how I do it, too! And we really enjoy cooking and baking that way :)

The chocolate cake was a special treat because it was my brother`s birthday the day after Thanksgiving. So it was his birthday cake! And then the next day was my uncle`s birthday and the day after that (today) is my Grandmother`s birthday! So the cake was definitely an appropriate dessert, lol.

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