Thanks Luuux for the Fatty Belt!

4 years ago

My last prize from the Luuux Shop was the Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt. It shipped from a fitness website in England and thankfully I didn`t have to pay customs since I live in the US.

What is a abdominal toning belt you might ask? Basically on the inner side of the belt are electrodes that are suppose to stimulate your abdominal muscles to contract stimulating exercise. It helps you tone your muscles.

Now Lilly Mah likes to call it the fatty belt, but as I said to her, not every one can have great abs like her! So this is a bit of a way for cheating. But is it for everyone?

No! I have quite a bit of happy eating on my belly, meaning that it`s more difficult for the electrodes to work. So it`s not really for every one with some jiggle in their wiggle. In fact the belt only can accomodate so big a waist size. I gladly don`t need the extension that they included. The little device requires 2 AA batteries in case you were wondering.

Am I happy with this device? Not yet. It`ll take more time. Again this is a muscle toning, not a FAT burning device. So I really gotta work on losing the fat first to have the muscles shine.

I would recommend this for people who ARE in shape who wants to take their abs to the next level, not slightly chubby people like me trying to have some semblance of abs. =P

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1) Do you have toned ABS, flat abs, or a Happy Belly like me?
2) What was the last Luuux prize you`ve gotten?

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