Thank You, Neutrogena!

4 years ago

I began getting acne at the age of 13 and then out of nowhere, when I was 15 I began getting body acne! If you have ever experienced this, you know just how awful it really is! You can`t wear certain shirts, when summer rolls around you are so embarrassed to put on a swimsuit, etc... I suffered with it for about a year until I found this product and thought I would give it a try. I am a firm believer in scrubs so there is a regular version of this and a scrub but I really recommend the scrub. My back and my chest, after two months of using this were acne free! I had moderate to severe acne and it was just gone. Now, three years have past and I can count on one hand the number of times I got a breakout on my chest or back since finding this product! So if you suffer from this problem the way that I did, I really recommend that you give it a try! Here is a pointer.. most people know that oily skin causes breakouts but most do not know that dry skin does as well. When using this product, use a good lotion that won`t clog your pores on the areas where you are using the wash and breaking out. This way, you will be keeping the areas medicated and clean but also moisturized, lessening your chance of breakouts. Try Cetaphil for your daily lotion! One last pointer for you- Hot water is not good for the skin. It dries it out and does numerous other things. I am not saying you have to take a freezing cold shower but at least lukewarm. This will not only benefit your skin but it benefits your hair as well!
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