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I first have to apologize for my not so good pictures but because it gets dark so early and I really wanted to get this post up today or else it would take weeks until I will do this, so that`s the best pics I could take. I still need to re-read Lamaine`s posts about how to take great quality pics so I can improve my skills. Anyways, enough rambling. You might`ve guessed from the title that I`ve won /member/lindz-thomson`s giveaway that she so kindly hosted on her amazing blog: a while back.
If you don`t know who /member/lindz-thomson is, although I`m sure all my Luuux friends follow her, please go and friend/follow her as she`s a really nice person, a great blogger and her posts are really fun. Also make sure to subscribe to her personal blog because you don`t want to miss her posts. I love that she writes her own opinions, it`s so easy to understand what she writes and her jokes although I`m not a native English speaker and my English isn`t that good; reading her posts makes me happier, I learn new things too and I`m starting a nail polish addiction too. On Wednesday the giveaway ended and I was the lucky winner (I have no idea how I can get this lucky because I`m so sure that there are lots of girls who`re following her posts and who would`ve liked to win these goodies as much as I did). I was so happy because the prizes are from Catrice Cosmetics, a brand that you can`t find in my country, but I`m sure you can get it in Germany. Today I received the envelope in the mail, the postman put it in the mailbox so I didn`t have to go to the post office as I usually have to. Everything was really nice wrapped in bubble paper and Lindz also included a beautiful postcard (I love collecting postcards, when I was little I had a huge collection that`s someplace stored in my parental home but nowadays people don`t send postcards that often which is really sad...). Thank you so much Lindz for the wonderful words you wrote me! Now the wonderful prizes are: -
Catrice Cosmetics Colour Show Lip Gloss 060 Little Red Dress a beautiful red gloss that smells so nice -
Catrice Cosmetics Limited Edition Cruise Couture Eyeshadow Palette a beautiful palette that comes in the nicest packaging I`ve seen lately! The palette contains 4 x 1.5g eyeshadows: a bright pink-fuchsia shadow, a peachy one, a dark navy and a blue-grey shadow, 1 x 2.5g shimmery white eyeshadow and a duo-ended applicator. Sorry for the terrible description of the shadows - I`m not good at colors as you can tell... -
Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nail Lacquer 740 King of Greens, a beautiful green polish that is perfect for this time of the year and not only - the extra goodie Lindz sent me is
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color - Metallica, a beautiful metallic silver that will look amazing as an accent with the green polish. I haven`t tried WnW polishes before so thank you, my dear, so much for sending me these amazing goodies! I must say I am really happy and lucky to have the opportunity to try these products and I want to thank Lindz again for picking me as her lucky winner! Please go visit her`>blog and also show her some love /member/lindz-thomson because she really is an awesome person and deserves all our love and support! Thank you again Lindz for everything and never stop writing! You are a source of inspiration for everyone and you make people feel really good and happy after reading your posts because although I don`t know you in person, I feel like you`re a really positive person and a really great friend to have. I also would like to thank May Tii, because she spoke in one of her posts about her friend that now lives in Germany and so I was able to follow you and your journey and life in a foreign country, which I always find interesting because our worlds and lifetimes are so different and this is a good way to learn new things. Thanks again for everything and I really enjoy everything you sent me! Don`t forget to friend/follow Lindz here on Luuux: Blog:

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