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4 years ago

hey everyone! i had a request a while back on sharing my recipe of Thai with you guys. A lot of people think it`s a lot of work, but it`s actually quite simple. I found this particular `mix` at my local Asian grocery store. Of course, you can make it COMPLETELY homemade, but I find that this is easier and tastes exactly the same. I think this whole bag cost me less than $4 and it can make 2+ gallons per bag. Okay, so here`s how I make it:

10 tbsp mix
3 cups hot water
3/4 cup sugar (you can add more or less)

So what you do is seep it like regular tea. Next, you need to strain it. I usually use a cheesecloth for this step and I strain it twice just to make sure I get all the gritty stuff out. Then I mix in the sugar while it`s hot. Wait until it cools, add ice and half and half. It`s very, very simple and I can`t believe my eyeballs when I see it sold for $3-4 USD per glass!! LOL Usually it`s sickeningly sweet at restaurants too so I like to make mine less sweet at home.

Of course you can tweak it however you like. If you want it more strong tasting, you can add extra mix. If you want to make a bigger batch, just double everything up. It`s really up to you but this is my favorite mix.

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