Thai Food? Yes, Please!

4 years ago

My boyfriend and I were recently craving Thai food because we both really love spicy dishes! Thai food tastes AMAZING with the aroma of spices that is added.

We went to a Thai restaurant called Sab-E-Lee and if you were to take a peek inside this restaurant, you would be amazed and shocked at how SMALL this place is. There are only about 4-5 tables or so? It`s extremely small but don`t be fooled, the food here is amazing and tastes authentic!

Here are the dishes that we got:

1) <strong>Spicy Papaya Salad:</strong> You can choose how spicy you want to get. I forgot what we chose, but it was either a 9 or 10 - This was delicious! It`s a great appetizer/dish to introduce yourself to Thai food if you have not tried this yet.

2) <strong>Pad See Ew w/ Beef:</strong> This dish isn`t normally served THAT spicy, so I think we got a 7 or 8 in spiciness level. I thought that the actual hotness of the dish was more spicy than the spice in this. This dish is really popular and tastes great!

3) <strong>Panang Curry w/ Chicken:</strong> This was my favorite dish out of the ones that we got. You can really smell the aroma of coconut and spice in this. It was delicious too! By the time we got to this dish, I couldn`t finish it so I ended up taking the rest home to eat the following day - it tasted just as great!

4) <strong>Sticky Rice:</strong> My boyfriend wanted sticky rice, but I think regular white rice would have been better to eat with the panang curry. Sticky rice tastes great with the spicy papaya salad!

Everything was so delicious! I couldn`t believe we ordered that much food. It was supposed to be a "light lunch".

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