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5 years ago

unlike a lot of people i know, i`ve only had thai food once before in my life. i just don`t find it too unique of a type of food to really go out of my way to get thai food. it seems really just like chinese food to me!

today, i went to union square with some friends and we ate in the food court at the westfield. i wanted to try something new, so i stopped at coriander gourmet thai and decided to get my dinner there.

i ordered the black pepper steak and sweet chicken with crispy basil as my entrees, and they were served with a nicely sized portion of white rice and some broccoli. quite a balanced meal!

the steak was okay. when they say pepper steak, they mean PEPPER steak - there was no shortage of black pepper! there were a few of those blech "chewy" pieces, but nothing too bad.

i thought the chicken was quite good! it had a nice flavor to it. at first, i was afraid it would be too sweet but it`s definitely not an overwhelming sweet like they do sweet at chinese places. i would definitely get the chicken again!

i have to say the best thing about the meal was the rice. THE RICE WAS QUALITY. i like my rice fairly sticky, and i`ve been eating dining hall rice which is... well, to say the least, completely dry. it`s almost painful to eat! this rice was flippin` awesome.

i`d recommend checking our coriander if you get the chance :) the food court at the westfield is quite swanky considering it`s a food court, and it`s a nice deviation from your typical dumpy kind of food court.

have you had thai food? are you a big fan of it?

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