Textspresso - Text for Coffee!

A company called Zipwhip is promoting that text messaging is more then just texting, it`s actually a whole new method of communicating. To raise awareness of texting- the company designed <strong>Textspresso</strong>.

What is <strong>Textspresso</strong>? A machine that took the compay 20 days and over 300 parts to complete. This machine can make your coffee via text message when you order it then pick it up still hot.

This concept would be great for those who work at a busy office/firm/between meetings and don`t even have time to stop by the lunch room to make coffee. You`re saving perhaps 5 to 10 minutes by having this machine.

As of right now, this isn`t being sold but I think it`s a pretty good idea. Who doesn`t text nowadays?

Do you think having an espresso machine that follows your orders via text message is a good idea? Though, I am not someone who drinks coffee - I think it`s a good idea. It saves time and great for those who multitask or is super busy.

Source link: http://dvice.com/archives/2012/04/text-driven-cof.php

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