Texting for KIDS!

Nowadays, little kids have iPads/iPhones/iTouches.. when I was that age, there were CD players/Mp3 players.. next thing you know kids want to text but what is a better solution for them to text? With these unpractical/confusing/complicated wristband that actually sends texts to one another. Both kid(s) will need a wristband from Hallmark for $15 and you can send a 10 character max text. As far as connection, it`s not quite easy, you have to be within each other.. you have to bump fists or high five one another to have the "text machine" activated. When you want to shoot a text to your friend, you have 3 buttons to type.. so it`ll take you quite some time to write a text.

What do you think of this concept? I think it`s a cute idea but not very practical. If you have to be so close to the person to text, mind as well talk to them instead. :)

At what age did you get your first phone?
What age did you first start texting?
What age do you think it`s okay to start texting?

I got my first phone when I was in middle school, 6th grade to be exact. Texting wasn`t that popular when I was in middle school but I hardly texted anyone because it cost a lot of money then. And, texting still does in my opinion. I only have the $4.99 plan (which is 200 texts a month- 100 in/100 out and if you go over which I did this month, it`s an additional charge rate per text message).

What age do I think text messages should be allowed? In high school, but there should be a limit cause you can get carried away and not focus on studies.

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